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Associate your brand with one of the most reputable operators in the market. We believe that buying a holiday should be supported by a professional approach: this is why we provide you with 36 years of experience, 300 professionals and a distribution network of more than 20.000 partner travel agencies and top tour operators throughout the world.


Turisanda is a brand that has made the history of tourism in Italy. The Italian Tourism and Propaganda Institute - today Turisanda - was born in Milan on January 26, 1924. The founder strongly believed in the future of organized tourism, at those times reserved for industrialists, scholars and writers. In 2000 Turisanda joined the Hotelplan group. Since then, while retaining its identity and brand autonomy, Turisanda has pursued a product strategy aimed at increasing its presence predominantly on medium to short-range destinations, while maintaining a high standard of service.


Hotelplan was born in Zurich in 1935. With "Hotel Plan" the modern tourism, with the formula fully organized and included in the price, is born.
In 1947, Hotelplan Italia was established, based in Milan, initially to deal with Swiss customers; in the 1970s the outgoing activity also started. In 1986, Hotelplan Italia acquired total autonomy from its parent company, organizing trips for Italian customers, mostly in long-range destinations.
The Hotelplan brand has always been devoted to traveling to the farthest destinations focused on tailor-made service creating the perfect fit with the Eden Travel Group family.

All of our products offered undergo a constant analysis and quality check before being included in our inventory.

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