Friuli Venezia Giulia is located in the North East of the country, sharing borders with Slovenia and Austria. This region overlooks the Adriatic Sea and is encompassed by high mountain of the Dolomite Mountain Chain. This is a region that encloses many different sceneries, starting from the amazing Carso plateau, formed by windswept rocks, and the Carnia and the Julian Alps, in addition to lakes, valleys and protected areas. Otherwise it’s possible to visit also great seaside areas, as the famous Lignano Sabbiadoro.
You also can’t miss some art cities, such as Trieste, with its neoclassical buildings, the cosmopolitan Gorizia and Udine. Another jewel is the ancient town of Aquileia, included in the Unesco World Heritage List.



What to do:
From the Dolomites to the Prealps and the Carnic Alps, Friuli Venezia Giulia’s mountains are perfect for winter sports lovers: skiing, snowboarding and climbing are just some of the possible activities of this land.
Several protected areas make this region perfect for relaxing in the pristine nature, admiring astonishing sceneries: you can go walking trough nature routes in Cavanata Valley Reservation or in the Natural Park of the Dolomites.
But Friuli also includes sandy beaches and limpid sea, first of all in Lignano Sabbiadoro, and several renowned spas, like the Terme di Grado.



What to taste:
The cooking traditions of this region relies on simple recipes and genuine ingredients. Typical of this area is the “porcina”, a dish made of boiled pork meat and sausages, and “frico” a wafer of shredded cheese. The most important typical product of the region is San Daniele Ham, exported worldwide, followed by Montasio cheese.
Here you’ll find also a rich production of high-quality red and white wines, as Terrano, Malvasia and Rosazzo.