Calabria is a region in the Southern Italy, forming the “toe” of the Italian Peninsula. It is surrounded by the Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas, and it is separated from Sicily by the Strait of Messina.
For those who love art, Reggio Calabria is the perfect location: here, indeed, the famous Riace Bronzes are displayed in the National Museum. These amazing statues represent two warrior heroes, a rare example of classical Greek sculpture.
Moreover Calabria offers several seaside resorts with amazing clear water, as Capo Vaticano, Tropea or Capo Rizzuto Island for a total of 800 Km of coast.



What to do:
Calabria offers many activities for those who spend holidays in this awesome region to have fun and relax; first of all we can not miss the sea and astonishing beaches of this area, clear waters and lot of outdoor activities, as windsurfing or scuba-diving, are waiting for you.
In Calabria you can also lose yourself in the wilderness of the hinterland: there are three wonderful National Parks, Sila, Aspromonte and Pollino and along the coast there is the Marine protected area of Capo Rizzuto.
For those who love art and culture, there are many several spots, for example in Reggio Calabria you can see the Aragonese Castle and the world famous Riace Bronzes.




What to taste:
Discover the strong tastes of Calabria, a region of ancient traditions. In most Calabrian typical dishes you’ll find the world famous Calabrian hot pepper, or you can taste the “’Nduja”, a particularly spicy and spreadable pork salami. In the amazing city of Tropea there’s one famous ingredients: Tropea red onion, protected by the PGI quality mark.
In this region it is possible to taste some renowned wines, as Terre di Cosenza, Savuto and Greco di Bianco.