Basilicata is located in the South Italy, bordering to Campania to the West, Apulia to the North and East, and Calabria to the South. One short South-western coastline is surrounded by the Tyrrhenian Sea, while a longer one to the South-east is washed by the Ionian Sea.
The woods and forests that cover the mountains are dotted with small and charming villages, some even at an altitude of 1000 mt, where pure air, genuine flavours and nature are combined with historical sites.
This region is very famous for the Matera’s Paleolithic settlements, the “Sassi,” inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Another beautiful site is the area of the Monticchio Lakes, one of the most spectacular locations in Basilicata. Lake Grande and Lake Piccolo are two splendid stretches of water, filling the two craters of Mount Vulture, surrounded by thick and lush vegetation.



What to do:
Basilicata is mainly occupied by mountains, covered with wonderful woods and splendid forests, so it is perfect for sports lovers and for the ones, who love relaxing in the nature: there’s a wide range of activity you can do here: mountain biking, trekking or horse back riding, for example.
You can’t miss the Matera’s Paleolithic settlements, the “Sassi of Matera”, a Unesco World Heritage Site, consisting of houses, dug into the calcarenitic rock. It is probably the first human settlement in Italy: some evidences demonstrate that people were living here already around the year 7000 BC.
It is composed of the “Sasso Caveoso”, “Sasso Barisano” and “Rione Civita”, forming all together a complex urban centre.
At the same time, on both Tyrrhenian and Ionian coasts, there’s a limpid and pure sea, with some famous sea resorts, as Metaponto and Policoro, offering wide beaches, partially surrounded by pine-woods and eucalyptus. The Gulf of Policastro has high and indented coasts, where steep promontories alternate with small beaches, surrounded by a crystal-clear sea.

What to taste:
The delicious regional cuisine is simple and fragrant, based on local products and offers typical and very old traditional dishes. Some regional specialties are: Senise peppers, sweet and crunchy, particularly suitable for being dried and turned into powder; Lucanica sausages, a high quality pork sausage and the Matera bread, a famous bread of the region.
Some typical dishes of Basilicata are: “Pupazzella”, a small round hot peppers in vinegar stuffed with anchovies, “Ciammotta”, fried aubergine, peppers and potatoes stewed with tomatoes and the “Ciaudedda”, braised artichokes stuffed with potatoes, onions, fava beans and salted pork, just to name a few.
In Basilicata, vineyards are located in the provinces of Matera and Potenza: one of the greatest wines of the Southern Italy is the Aglianico del Vulture.