Apulia is situated in the South-eastern Italy, in the heart of the Mediterranean. Its 860 km of coastline are hugged by two amazing seas, the Ionian and the Adriatic, that have a variety of different shores, steep cliffs and golden beaches overlooking a colourful and crystal-clear sea.
The inland of Apulia is uncontaminated and consists of a large variety of natural landscapes, as great valleys, hills covered with olive trees, vineyards and some forests and natural parks.
Apulia is a lovely region that can be visited all year round, you will find nature, history, tradition, flavours and spirituality. In this magical atmosphere the past meets the present, a wide range of places testify the ancient origins of this land: from prehistory to Magna Graecia, from the Imperial Age to the Renaissance and the Baroque splendour of Lecce and Salento area.
The Trulli, characteristic drystone huts unique in the world, offer an evocative testimony to the rural past of the region, in particular in the little city of Alberobello, a Unesco World Heritage Site.

What to do:
You will fall in love with Apulia’s sea, enjoy the crystal clear waters with 860 km of coastline of golden and sandy beaches alternated to breathtaking cliffs. From the Adriatic Sea to the Ionian Sea, visit all amazing spots of Apulia, Tremiti Islands, Bari and Brindisi, and the southern area of the astonishing Salento.
You can explore the pristine environment of several protected marine areas, scuba-diving and snorkelling are perfect activities to discover incredible underwater sights.
In Apulia, you’ll find fully equipped beaches, facilities, and hotels offering every kind of service.
But Apulia is not only wonderful beaches, here you can admire charming landscapes surrounding historic towns and cities of art . Romanesque and Baroque cathedrals and monuments, from the Gargano to the Salento, Apulia is full of treasures and architectural gems, such as its UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


What to taste:
Apulian cuisine is based on simple ingredients, but it can satisfies any palate.
You’ll taste genuine flavours, as the home-made orecchiette or strascinati, typical types of pasta. Furthermore there are many baked goods as focaccia, “pettole”, typical fried yeast dough, stuffed with different kind of food (cod, cowliflower), and sweet “pasticciotti”, Italian pastry stuffed with custard (in the traditional version).
Here you will find also a wide selection of prestigious wines, as Negroamaro, Aleatico and Primitivo.
Apulia region is also the first region in terms of olive oil production in Italy and the PDO label guarantees its highest quality.