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The world around us is moving fast and we must keep the pace combining enthusiasm and solid thinking. In the current situation, companies are looking for MICE tools that can help them to build the motivation needed to overcome difficulties and generate new energies.
For these reasons we have renewed and expanded our services in the MICE industry, and leveraged on a deep understanding and knowledge of our country. We have extended skills, a core of highly experienced producers and creatives, and most of all the love for one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The result is an “international” offering with a touch of Italian style.
Companies that see MICE services as a tool of competitiveness, will find in Eden Incoming an attentive and capable partner with which to design the right actions for the future.

MICE, an old and new form of communication

In this world where virtual images are at the heart of any technology development, the most traditional face-to-face communication form is still undoubtedly the most successful.
Human contact still adds value compared to a type of communication based on mass tools.
Eden Incoming has worked very hard to create innovative technology based on methods and systems aimed at stimulating and managing this kind of communication, combining the most varied disciplines such as decor, music, natural interaction, color and image control.


In recent years, companies have increasingly used meetings, as they recognize the value of these reunions as means of motivation and information.
Conventions are extremely appealing working tools: the interaction with companies top management, team building and the use of premium facilities offer an added value to canvass events, celebrations and product launches.


The value of the product is fondamental for the outcome of any initiative; both to involve guests and to develop the feeling of motivation and excitement participants must feel during the event.
A valuable incentive must be the perfect reward for a good job: therefore the combination beetwen Eden Incoming incredible locations and projects will definitely be the key to your success.


These are the events where success is the result of a precise organization and the love for well prepared minutiae and perfectly executed detail.
A seamless relationship with Professional Congress Organizer – frequently present in these types of events dealing with logistics, and creating the hospitality area, is a key contributor to the successful outcome of the event.


This sector embraces a wide range of activities: booths for dedicated exhibitions, support to sponsorships, a corporate center, celebrations, cultural actions. All these are activities where collateral events are often organized, where extraordinary imagination and professionalism win the show!
Fringe events, unconventional and innovative marketing activities combined with interaction design, are the newest trends developed in the most successful shows and exhibitions.